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In general, the fuel prices in India are revised by the government on a daily basis and depend on the international crude oil prices, exchange rate, and taxes since June 15, 2017. Today 10, June 2023 the price of petrol in Delhi is around 96.72 Indian Rupees per liter, while the price of diesel is around 96.72 Indian Rupees per liter. However, please note that these prices can vary based on the location and can change over time. Price of fuel in India includes excise duty, value added tax (VAT), and dealer commission. VAT varies from state to state in India and after adding excise duty, dealer commission and VAT, the retail selling price of fuel gets nearly doubled in India.

Fuel Prices in Metro Cities (Jun 10, 2023)

State Wise List For Fuel Price

Andaman and Nicobar Islands 84.10₹/L 79.74₹/L --
Andhra Pradesh 111.96₹/L 99.68₹/L 94.00₹/KG
Arunachal Pradesh 96.59₹/L 85.12₹/L --
Assam 98.48₹/L 86.34₹/L --
Bihar 109.44₹/L 96.09₹/L --
Chandigarh 96.20₹/L 84.26₹/L --
Chhattisgarh 103.32₹/L 96.30₹/L --
Dadra and Nagar Haveli 94.43₹/L 89.98₹/L --
Daman and Diu 95.26₹/L 90.81₹/L --
Delhi 96.72₹/L 89.62₹/L 78.61₹/KG
Goa 97.11₹/L 89.68₹/L --
Gujarat 97.28₹/L 93.05₹/L 84.15₹/KG
Haryana 97.33₹/L 90.18₹/L 84.19₹/KG
Himachal Pradesh 94.80₹/L 81.18₹/L --
Jammu & Kashmir 98.61₹/L 84.14₹/L --
Jharkhand 100.62₹/L 95.41₹/L --
Karnataka 102.43₹/L 88.36₹/L 86₹/KG
Kerala 107.06₹/L 95.85₹/L --
Madhya Pradesh 108.73₹/L 93.96₹/L 96.06₹/KG
Maharashtra 107.98₹/L 94.46₹/L 89.50₹/KG
Manipur 101.24₹/L 87.16₹/L --
Meghalaya 96.04₹/L 84.55₹/L --
Mizoram 96.67₹/L 82.97₹/L --
Nagaland 100.07₹/L 88.30₹/L --
Odisha 103.89₹/L 95.45₹/L --
Puducherry 96.82₹/L 86.59₹/L --
Punjab 96.83₹/L 87.18₹/L 84.39₹/KG
Rajasthan 109.30₹/L 94.49₹/L 96.40₹/KG
Sikkim 102.50₹/L 89.70₹/L --
Tamil Nadu 103.55₹/L 95.19₹/L --
Telangana 109.82₹/L 97.95₹/L 94.00₹/KG
Tripura 99.77₹/L 87.12₹/L --
Uttar Pradesh 96.32₹/L 90₹/L 97.00₹/KG
Uttarakhand 96.83₹/L 91.74₹/L --
West Bengal 106.83₹/L 93.50₹/L --
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FAQs on Fuel Prices

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What will be the impact of the reduction in taxes
When do oil companies revise rates of petrol and diesel
On what factors are petrol, diesel prices based

Taxes make up a little more than 50% of the retail price of fuels in India. On November 1, the central government announced a Rs 5 per litre cut on excise duty on petrol, and a Rs 10 per litre cut on diesel. This meant that the VAT, which is charged by the states on the price after the excise duty is added, will also come down marginally. This led to the price of petrol falling marginally below the Rs 100 mark in a few states. However, the rise in petrol prices causes an increase in the cost of many goods and services. And experts have said that any reduction in the price of petrol will not be directly proportional to the decrease, if any, in the cost of these services. Thus, the impact of the rise in petrol prices reflects in the long run.

The prices of petrol and diesel are reviewed by oil marketing companies such as state-run Indian Oil on a daily basis and any revision is implemented from 6 am.

Oil companies revise rates of petrol and diesel daily based on the average price of benchmark fuel in the international market in the preceding 15-days, and foreign exchange rates.
Brent crude oil – the most widely used international benchmark – has risen 36 percent this year to more than $70 a barrel. This has prompted an increase in retail fuel prices.