Tata Punch CNG Expected Price (Variant-Wise) With Logic

In this article, we’ll estimate the ex-showroom prices of the upcoming Tata Punch CNG and explain the logic behind the calculations. We’ll also try to guesstimate the Punch variants, which will get the CNG kit.

Tata Punch CNG Expected Price

Note: These are our estimations based on the information available as of May 25, 2023. We’ll revise our estimations in this article as we get more details about the Tata Punch CNG.

Tata Punch Pure CNG Expected Price - Rs. 6.96 Lakh

Let’s first start with setting a baseline. Tata Motors recently launched the Altroz CNG. It's available in almost all variants including the base and the top trims. However, the price premium the CNG powertrain carries over the comparable petrol-manual powertrain varies. In the lower trims, it’s Rs. 95,500 more expensive while the higher variants are Rs. 1.03 lakh pricier.

Therefore, we expect the Punch CNG base model to cost Rs. 6.96 lakh, which is Rs. 96,000 more than the base petrol variant’s current price.

Tata Punch Adventure CNG Expected Price - Rs. 7.86 Lakh

Assuming that just like the Altroz, Tata might offer the CNG kit with the lower variants for an additional Rs. 95,500 over the petrol model, the Punch Adventure CNG could cost Rs. 7.86 lakh.

Tata Punch Adventure (S) CNG Expected Price - Rs. 8.31 Lakh

Currently, we don’t have any information about the possibility of an Adventure (S) variant going on sale. Tata Motors usually offer sunroof in one of the lower mid variants with an (S) suffix. These trims are otherwise fairly basic in terms of features but the sunroof makes them a compelling option for buyers interested in outright value for money.

The Altroz XM Plus (S) variant also carries an incremental price of Rs. 45,000 over the non-S variant. In this trim, I expect the CNG kit to carry an incremental cost of Rs. 95,500 over the Altroz petrol-manual powertrain. Along similar lines, should the Adventure (S) materialise, I'm expecting it to cost Rs. 8.31 lakh with the CNG-manual powertrain.

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Tata Punch Accomplished CNG Expected Price - Rs. 8.73 Lakh

Just like the Altroz, if Tata decide to charge a premium of Rs. 1.03 lakh for the CNG kit in the higher variants, then the Accomplished variant of the Punch CNG could carry an ex-showroom price of Rs. 8.73 lakh.

Tata Punch Creative (S) CNG Expected Price - Rs. 9.85 Lakh

Just like the Altroz, the Punch is also likely to get the sunroof feature. The CNG variants may get this feature before the petrol trims. This will also add to the cost and it’s something we should factor into our estimations.

Therefore, the Creative variant may become obsolete as the Punch gets a new Creative (S) variant, where S = sunroof.

Assuming that Tata charge Rs. 30,000 for the sunroof and add Rs. 1.03 lakh for the factory CNG kit, the Creative (S) CNG variant could cost Rs. 9.85 lakh (ex-showroom). Thus the well-loaded top-spec variant fits under the psychological barrier of Rs. 10.0 lakh.

Tata Punch Creative (S) iRA CNG Expected Price - Rs. 10.15 Lakh

The Creative (S) iRA variant may also play a crucial part in the lineup as Hyundai are also likely to offer the SX (O) Connect variant with the Exter. Moreover, with the Altroz CNG, Tata have shown that they are not shying away from breaching the Rs. 10.0 lakh mark. So, it may continue to carry the standard Rs. 30,000 premium over the lower Creative (S) trim.

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Tata Punch CNG Price Summary (Expected)

We expect the Tata Punch CNG to cost between Rs. 6.96 lakh and Rs. 10.15 lakh.




CNG-Manual (Expected)




Rs. 6.96 lakh

Rs. 95,500

Rs. 6.0 lakh


Rs. 7.86 lakh

Rs. 95,500

Rs. 6.90 lakh

Adventure (S) - New

Rs. 8.31 lakh




Rs. 8.73 lakh

Rs. 1.03 lakh

Rs. 7.70 lakh




Rs. 8.52 lakh

Creative iRA



Rs. 8.82 lakh

Creative (S) - New

Rs. 9.85 lakh



Creative (S) iRA - New

Rs. 10.15 lakh





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