Hyundai Exter SUV Expected Price (Variant-Wise Estimation) With Logic

In this article, we’ll estimate the ex-showroom prices of the 2023 Hyundai Exter small SUV and explain the logic behind our calculations. We’ll first look at the prices of the variants with the 1.2L petrol-manual powertrain and then get to the petrol-automatic and CNG variants. Let’s start with establishing the baseline price for the Hyundai Exter EX variant.

Hyundai Exter SUV Expected Price

Note: These are our Hyundai Exter price estimations based on the information available as of May 24, 2023. If we get more details like variant-wise features a few days before the price reveal, we’ll update this article to reflect the revisions based on the brochure and new details.

Hyundai Exter EX Petrol-Manual Expected Price - Rs. 6.50 Lakh

The Exter will share this 1.2L normal petrol-manual powertrain with the Grand i10 Nios. Moreover, it’s also likely to share its platform with the Nios hatchback.

So, considering the style, ground clearance and some potential base model feature additions, we should expect a substantial premium over the Nios hatchback. It’s also worth noting that the demand for SUV-style cars is very high right now. So, it’s natural to expect Hyundai to capitalise on that front.

However, the competition from the small SUV segment leader — Tata Punch — is also quite stiff. So neither can Hyundai afford to price it lower than the Punch base model nor can they price it much higher than the Punch. Pricing it lower would mean diluting the Exter brand while pricing it significantly higher would eliminate it from many buyers’ shortlists.

The Punch starts at Rs. 6.0 lakh (ex-showroom) while the Nios starts at Rs. 5.73 lakh. I believe Hyundai will play the value card and price it higher than the Punch while offering more features than the Punch Pure variant. Such a move should more than offset the price gap. With that in mind, a starting price of Rs. 6.50 lakh seems substantial enough to give it some breathing room over the entry-level variant of the Nios. Meanwhile, it’ll also keep it far enough from the Punch base model and help Hyundai position Exter higher than the Punch — at least psychologically.

Hyundai Exter S Petrol-Manual Expected Price - Rs. 7.20 Lakh

At the time of publishing this article, we don’t know the exact feature details. Still, judging by the competitive space, we expect Hyundai to place the S variant at around Rs. 7.20 lakh. This will allow them to price it bang in between the Punch Adventure variant and the Fronx Sigma variant.

Assuming that the Exter S variant will offer more features than the Punch Adventure as well as the Fronx Sigma, it’ll have a nice breathing room in between its two prime rivals. On the one hand, you could buy the Exter and get more features than the Punch. On the other hand, you could save some cash and choose the Exter over the slightly bigger Fronx.

Hyundai Exter SX Petrol-Manual Expected Price - Rs. 8.0 Lakh

The jump from S to SX variant could cost another Rs. 80,000 or so. Hyundai normally offer good value and a lot of features in their 2nd highest variants. Often, the value is so good that you don’t even need to wait for our variants explained article to know that the upgrade to the higher variant is easily worth the price gap.

Hence, I’m expecting to see a price of Rs. 8.0 lakh for the Exter SX petrol-manual variant. This variant could very well become the bread-and-butter model in the Exter lineup and one of the easiest to recommend to potential buyers.

Hyundai Exter SX (O) Petrol-Manual Expected Price - Rs. 9.0 Lakh

The SX (O) or top variants in Hyundai cars usually don’t offer enough features to warrant an upgrade. However, considering that they usually have a high-perceived value, the top models carry a reasonable price premium too and are highly desirable.

Here, I’m expecting to see an ex-showroom price of around Rs. 9.0 lakh for the Exter SX (O) variant with the petrol-manual powertrain.

Hyundai Exter SX (O) Connect Petrol-Manual Expected Price - Rs. 9.30 Lakh

The SX (O) Connect is most likely a variant with advanced telematics features. This variant may get the segment-first dual-dashcam feature, possibly with the ability to live stream to a phone. At least the ability to send notifications to the phone in case the car experiences shocks while parked should be one of the noteworthy features of the SX (O) connect. If my guess turns out to be right, a premium of Rs. 30,000 may make the upgrade worth the peace of mind for some buyers. Thus, it could cost Rs. 9.30 lakh (ex-showroom).

The Tata Punch also gets a iRA pack in the Creative top variant, which is essentially a telematics feature. With the Punch too, this feature carries an additional cost of Rs. 30,000. This price is about Rs. 50,000 higher than the Punch Creative iRA, which is how we expect Hyundai to position the Exter. Moreover, the Punch will soon get a sunroof. So, the prices of the Punch may eventually catch up to those of the Exter even if the Exter is more expensive initially. Meanwhile, the Exter will get the sunroof right from the start.

The reasonably feature-rich variant of the Fronx (Zeta turbo) costs more than Rs. 10.0 lakh. So the Rs. 9.30 lakh price for the Exter top model leaves enough space for Hyundai to flex the Exter’s muscles within its price band. Meanwhile, the buyers have no reason to even consider the Fronx turbo because of the substantial feature gap (Delta Plus turbo) and the substantial price gap (Zeta turbo).

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Hyundai Exter S Petrol-Automatic Expected Price - Rs. 7.75 Lakh

For the AMT-type automatic transmission, Hyundai usually charges around Rs. 55,000 - Rs. 60,000. Therefore, the Exter S petrol-automatic could cost around Rs. 7.75 lakh (ex-showroom).

Hyundai Exter SX Petrol-Automatic Expected Price - Rs. 8.55 Lakh

Similarly, the SX petrol-automatic could cost Rs. 8.55 lakh, which is Rs. 55,000 more than our estimated price for the SX petrol-manual.

Hyundai Exter SX (O) Petrol-Automatic Expected Price - Rs. 9.55 Lakh

Along the same lines, the SX (O) petrol-automatic could cost Rs. 9.55 lakh.

Hyundai Exter SX (O) Connect Petrol-Automatic Expected Price - Rs. 9.85 Lakh

With an estimated Rs. 55,000 premium for the AMT-type automatic transmission, the SX (O) Connect variant could cost Rs. 9.85 lakh.

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Hyundai Exter S CNG-Manual Expected Price - Rs. 8.15 Lakh

For the factory-CNG option, Hyundai normally charge around Rs. 90,000 - Rs. 95,000. So, we should expect the Exter S CNG variant to cost around Rs. 8.15 lakh.

Hyundai Exter SX CNG-Manual Expected Price - Rs. 8.90 Lakh

Assuming a Rs. 90,000 premium for the CNG bi-fuel option, the SX CNG may cost approximately Rs. 8.90 lakh (ex-showroom).

Hyundai Exter SUV — Expected Price Summary

We expect the Hyundai Exter price of the petrol-manual variants could vary between Rs. 6.50 lakh and Rs. 9.30 lakh. The petrol-automatic variants could start at Rs. 7.75 lakh and top out at Rs. 9.85 lakh. The 2 CNG-manual variants could cost Rs. 8.15 lakh and Rs. 8.90 lakh.












Rs. 6.50 lakh




Rs. 8.15 lakh

Rs. 95,000

Rs. 7.20 lakh

Rs. 55,000

Rs. 7.75 lakh


Rs. 8.90 lakh

Rs. 90,000

Rs. 8.0 lakh

Rs. 55,000

Rs. 8.55 lakh

SX (O)



Rs. 9.0 lakh

Rs. 55,000

Rs. 9.55 lakh

SX (O) Connect



Rs. 9.30 lakh

Rs. 55,000

Rs. 9.85 lakh


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