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Why 2022 Maruti Nexa Baleno Doesn’t Get Sunroof? - Official Response | V3Cars

The recently-launched 2022 Maruti Nexa Baleno doesn’t get a sunroof. We were curious about why Maruti Suzuki skipped this highly-desirable feature in their premium hatchback. So, we reached out to Mr. CV Raman, the Chief Technical Officer at Maruti Suzuki, to find some answers.

2022 Maruti Nexa Baleno

Design And Headroom

The team at Maruti Suzuki had a certain silhouette and proportions in mind while designing the new Baleno. According to Mr. Raman, adding a sunroof meant compromising headroom of the front passengers. To add all the electricals and sliding mechanism for the sunroof, a car needs enough space between the roof sheet metal and the interior roof liner. Adding a sunroof would’ve meant either compromising the headroom or raising the roofline and possibly affecting the smooth flowing design of the car.

In this case, Maruti Suzuki chose to prioritise the cabin space and design of the car and skipped the sunroof to maintain good head space even for owners wearing a turban.

According to Mr. Raman, the car is structurally sound and can safely accommodate a sunroof without affecting the crashworthiness. Maruti Suzuki also confirmed to us that they are aware of the growing demand for sunroof among mass market car buyers.

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Sunroof Analysis

Based on our conversation with Maruti Suzuki’s top officials, we have a hunch that they may offer a sunroof in other cars. The fact that they analysed the new Baleno enough to know a few things about the car’s compatibility with a sunroof tells us that Maruti Suzuki at least considered adding this feature in the Baleno. In the past, Maruti Suzuki have hinted at not including a sunroof in their cars, given its limited usability and efficacy in our climatic conditions. However, it seems like the rising demand for this feature has prompted Maruti Suzuki to evaluate the feature for future products.

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2022 Brezza With Sunroof?

Besides the knowledge of sunroof compatibility with the 2022 Baleno, we are also expecting to see a sunroof in the upcoming 2022 Brezza SUV. Some spy shots of the car clearly reveal the inclusion of a sunroof in the upcoming sub-4m SUV from Maruti Suzuki. The new Brezza could become the first Maruti Suzuki car to come with a sunroof.

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Desirable Features

Some features like cruise control, head-up display, tyre pressure monitoring, keyless entry with push-button start/stop, LED headlamps, LED DRLs, 360-degree camera, auto AC and 6 airbags are quickly gaining popularity and becoming desirable. While some of these add to the usability others only improve the ownership experience even if they add limited functional value.

By skipping a sunroof, Maruti Suzuki still added a good number of desirable features like LED projector headlamps, 360-degree camera, head-up display, 6 airbags and more in the top model of the new Baleno.

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