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Jeep India Introduce 24x7 AI Chatbot, Jeep Expert (Press Release)

Jeep Introduce 24x7 AI Chatbot, Jeep Expert: Redefining Customer Experience (Press Release) | V3Cars

Jeep India have launched Jeep Expert, a ChatGPT-based AI Chatbot integrated into the Jeeplife mobile app. This 24x7 virtual assistant provides instant, brand-specific information on Jeep products and services, eliminating the need for users to navigate manuals. Jeep Expert handles queries about brand, product features, off-roading capabilities, service tips, user manuals, and more.

Jeep India Introduced 24x7 AI Chatbot, Jeep Expert

Unlike regular chatbots, it leverages ChatGPT AI technology, offering a broader spectrum of autonomous learning capabilities. The real-time chat feature ensures secure, private interactions, with end-to-end encryption for user privacy. Jeep actively seeks user feedback for continuous improvement.

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Jeep Life App

Here’s what Jeep have to say about the launch of the “Jeep Expert”:

Jeep® India, the American lifestyle SUV manufacturer, announced the launch of Jeep  Expert, a cutting-edge ChatGPT-based AI Chatbot, poised to redefine customer engagement. Integrated into the  Jeeplife mobile app, this innovative feature will deliver Jeep brand-specific answers to users, offering a 24x7 expert  at their fingertips. 

Jeep® Expert eliminates the need for users to navigate manuals and brochures to extract information about Jeep®  products and services. With the ability to answer brand, product, and maintenance-related questions, users can now  enjoy an unprecedented level of convenience and immediacy in accessing information about their vehicles. Accessing the real time chat service Jeep Expert is simple. All registered users of the Jeeplife mobile app can  seamlessly engage with the Jeep Expert app, providing an integrated and user-friendly experience. 

Key highlights of the offering: 

• Provide an all-rounder Jeep Expert available 24x7 for customer queries 

• Cater to queries about brand, product features, basic off-roading capabilities, service tips, user  manuals, connectivity features and more  

• With conversational experience, AI based Jeep Expert can handle & respond suitably even for un trained content 

• Industry first introduction amongst Indian OEMs*  

• Available on the Jeeplife India App the application is built on the ChatGPT 3.5 AI model

In a unique departure from regular chatbots, Jeep Expert distinguishes itself by leveraging ChatGPT AI technology.  This allows the AI to learn autonomously and be trained on a vast ocean of information, enabling it to answer a  broad spectrum of questions compared to other real time chat services. Powered by ChatPDF and ChatGPT 3.5  technology, the real time chat feature ensures a secure and private interaction for customers. Questions and  answers are end-to-end encrypted, maintaining user privacy without any traceability to specific user IDs. Jeep is  actively seeking feedback from users through an in-app feedback mechanism, demonstrating a commitment to  continuous improvement based on user experiences.

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