Toyota Innova Hycross Hybrid Vs Innova Crysta Diesel-Automatic - Fuel Cost Comparison

Toyota recently launched the new Innova Hycross with a petrol hybrid engine. Its fuel efficient hybrid petrol engine has a very high mileage figure of 21.1kmpl. Let’s find out if the Innova Hycross can serve as a suitable alternative for an Innova Crysta diesel-automatic buyer with high running.

Innova Hycross Vs Innova Crysta

We’ll compare the fuel costs of the Innova Hycross hybrid petrol-automatic and Innova Crysta diesel-automatic for 10,000km, 50,000km, 1,00,000km and 2,00,000km. This should give us a fair idea of the fuel savings the Innova Hycross can offer us during the ownership.

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For this fuel-cost comparison, we’ll assume the official ARAI mileage figures of both the cars and the November 2022 prices of petrol and diesel in the national capital. The Innova Hycross hybrid claims to deliver 21.1kmpl mileage while the Innova Crysta diesel-automatic has an official mileage figure of 15.9kmpl.

With these efficiency figures, you can expect to pay Rs. 4.60 for every kilometre with the Innova Hycross hybrid petrol and Rs. 5.65 per kilometre with the Innova Crysta diesel-automatic.

Innova Hycross Hybrid Vs Innova Crysta Diesel-Automatic

Fuel Cost Comparison

(Petrol: Rs. 96.7, Diesel: Rs. 89.6)

Distance Covered

Innova Hycross Petrol Hybrid (21.1kmpl)


Innova Crysta Diesel  Automatic (15.9kmpl)


Rs. 45,838

Rs. 10,526

Rs. 56,364


Rs. 2,29,194

Rs. 52,729

Rs. 2,81,923


Rs. 4,58,388

Rs. 1,05,259

Rs. 5,63,647


Rs. 9,16,777

Rs. 2,10,518

Rs. 11,27,295

At this rate, the Innova Hycross hybrid petrol will save you Rs. 10,646 for every 10,000km you drive and these savings will swell up to Rs. 52,729 by the time you cover 50,000. For buyers who covered a lot of distance during the ownership, the Innova Hycross saves you a little over Rs. 1.0 lakh if you cover 1,00,000km and Rs. 2.10 lakh if you cover 2,00,000km.

It’s worth noting that the Innova Hycross will offer much better real-world fuel efficiency in stop-and-go traffic conditions, where it can run exclusively on battery power. Meanwhile, the Innova Crysta diesel-automatic uses a torque converter coupling, which is extremely inefficient and has much lower real-world mileage in stop-and-go traffic. Therefore, the actual cost savings could end up even higher if you mostly drive in slow-moving city traffic.

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