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The Tata Punch has seen immense success right from the first month of its launch. Tata are selling more than 10,000 units of the Punch every month. It has established itself among the top 10 selling cars in India. Tata offer the Punch in 5 variants – Pure, Adventure, Accomplished, Creative and Creative iRA. There’s also a Kaziranga Edition on offer.

Tata Punch

Powertrain options of the Punch include petrol manual and petrol automatic. The carmaker also offers a host of official accessories with the Punch and we’ve handpicked a few of them that should help enhance your Tata Punch ownership experience.

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Take a look at our recommended accessories for the Punch:







Door visor

Rs. 1,999



Floor mats

Rs. 2,291


3D mats

Rs. 3,199


Trunk mat

Rs. 1,192


Magnetic sunshades

Rs. 2,727


App-based TPMS

Rs. 8,079


Scuff plate - 4Pc

Rs. 1,212


Wireless charger with mobile holder

Rs. 3,532


Air purifier

Rs. 6,606


Seat covers

Rs. 7,699 - 7,824


Car cover

Rs. 2,100



Rs. 625


Auto-dimming IRVM

Rs. 7,999


Front parking sensors

Rs. 3,636


Door edge guard (chrome)

Rs. 295


16-inch alloy wheels

Rs. 9,977 (1pc.)



Puddle lamps

Rs. 1,197


Body chrome

Rs. 699 - 3,299


Roof rails (black)

Rs. 5,578


Spoiler (black)

Rs. 5,346


Front skid plate

Rs. 3,262


Rear skid plate

Rs. 3,120


ORVM carbon fibre

Rs. 1,785


Ambient light

Rs. 5,836


Priority - High

If you are buying the Punch, we highly recommend you install the following accessories regardless of the variant you buy:

  1. Floor mats
  2. Car cover (look for affordable options aftermarket)
  3. Door edge guard
  4. Mudflaps

Door edge guard will, as the name suggests, protect the car door’s edge from scratches.

Priority - Mid

You can get these accessories in your Punch if you wish so. We recommend these accessories if they meet your requirements.

  1. Door visor
  2. Trunk mat (look for affordable options aftermarket)
  3. Magnetic sunshades
  4. App-based TPMS
  5. Scuff plate
  6. Wireless charger with mobile holder
  7. Air purifier
  8. Seat covers (look for affordable options aftermarket)
  9. Auto-dimming IRVM
  10. Front parking sensors
  11. 16-inch alloy wheels

The sunshades will partly block the sunlight from entering the cabin. Scuff plates will protect the car door’s sill from scratches. If your mobile phone supports wireless charging and you think you need it in your car, you can install the wireless charger from your local Tata dealership. If you often drive in congested areas or park your car in tight spots, you can get front parking sensors. The 16-inch alloy wheels will enhance the visual appeal of the car.

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There are a variety of seat covers on offer at different prices for the Punch. You can visit the nearest Tata dealership and choose your favourite.

Priority - Low

We do not recommend these accessories as they do not add any substantial value to the Punch. However, if you wish your car to look distinct, you can go ahead with them depending on your preference.

  1. Puddle lamps
  2. Roof rails (black)
  3. Spoiler (black)
  4. Front skid plate
  5. Rear skid plate
  6. ORVM carbon fibre
  7. Ambient light
  8. Body chrome

Ambient light, roof rails, spoiler and skid plate are subjective choices. Tata dealers offer chrome and carbon fibre garnishes for different parts of the car’s body. Although we would avoid them, you can get them if you want your Punch to look distinct.

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Tata Motors provide a 2-year warranty on accessories fitted by official dealers. However, you will have to pay additional fitment charges wherever applicable.

It is worth noting that the prices of the aforementioned accessories could be revised in the near future. To get accurate pricing of the accessories, we advise you to get in touch with your nearest Tata dealer. The aforementioned accessories are handpicked by our team based on how useful they are. However, the category they fall in can vary from person to person depending on their usage and preferences.

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